Matt Donovan and Hallie Siege, Edinburgh, Scotland, November 2015.We are an artist collaborative living and working in Toronto, Canada. Matt, an artist and industrial designer, brings an intuitive sense of 3-dimensional space and an in-depth knowledge of materials. Hallie, an artist, communications professional and science editor, brings a sensibility of the 2D in the form of text, typography and graphics. We both have a deep interest in cultural theory and the history of technology.

We enjoy playing off each others’ strengths, and our best work is a seamless blend of contrasting skill sets: 2D and 3D, text and sculpture, narrative and gesture. By seeking out connections between different modes of production (for example: poetry and sculpture, graphic design and painting, handcraft and mass-production), we aim to create seamless hybrids that defy simple classification. Our approach is not one of juxtaposition, but rather of synthesis; we know that a work is complete when we can no longer distinguish where one discipline leaves off and another begins.

Our work is held in private and public collections, and has shown across North America and in Europe.


Matt Donovan is an artist, industrial designer and conservator of kinetic artworks. Formally trained in Fine Arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design, but with an instinctive understanding of engineering, he has built a career in which design and art are inseparable.  In addition to his collaboration with Hallie Siegel, highlights from Matt’s career include collaborating with Max Dean and Raffaello D’Andrea on The Robotic Chair. He has exhibited at ARS Electronica, ARCO art fair, Luminato Festival, and the Olga Korper Gallery, and has work in the permanent collection at BMO and the National Gallery of Canada.



Hallie Siegel is an artist, editor and science communications professional specializing in engineering, architectural sciences, and robotics, where her main interest is to explore the socio-cultural impact of disruptive technologies. She uses text, graphics and other media to translate abstract ideas into accessible and meaningful stories. Born in London, Ontario and raised in Toronto, Hallie completed her B.A. in Communication Studies at Concordia University with Distinction; her artwork has shown across North America and in Europe.