History Machines – Matt Donovan and Hallie Siegel

Hallie and Matt have been working together since 1999 and have been represented as a collaborative by Olga Korper in Toronto since 2007.

They merge their respective backgrounds of Fine Arts and Communication Studies in order to ground the theoretical language shared by these two disciplines. They refer to their work as “History Machines”- which are not so much mechanical devices as they are machinations. They are objects that explore the organization and operating principles of complex societal structures and the construction of meaning.

For more information about Hallie and Matt please visit http://historymachines.com/

Robotic Chair – Max Dean, Raffaello D’Andrea, and Matt Donovan

Conceived by artist Max Dean in 1984, The Robotic Chair was finally produced in 2006 in collaboration with Raffaello D’Andrea and Matt Donovan. Though at first glance it looks like an ordinary wooden chair, The Robotic Chair is an autonomous robot that collapses and systematically reassembles itself over and over again with absolute precision.

For more information about Max Dean please visit http://maxdean.grandportfolio.com/

For more information about Raffaello D’Andrea please visit http://raffaello.name/