Craft as Problem Solving: Ethnographic Studies of Design and Making

This volume brings together a cross-disciplinary group of anthropologists, researchers of craft, and designer-makers to enumerate and explore the diversity and complexity of problem-solving tactics and strategies employed by craftspeople, together with the key social, cultural, and environmental factors that give rise to particular ways of problem solving. (Routledge)

Ethnographic_Study_Print_CultureJust published is this ethnographic study of ‘design and making’, which includes a chapter by Toronto-based anthropologist Jenn Law that features our print-inspired, text-based artwork, such as the Haikube, Self-Printing Book, Landscape, and Impressions.

In her chapter titled Mastering Mimicry: Strategies of Transference in Print-Based Art, Jenn writes about print as a problem-solving strategy in contemporary art.

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